Live Video

Session vid.

Yo! We’ve been demoing a lot recently at rehearsal for the next record. Thought we’d give this one a share.



Smooth Seas Live Demo.

So we’ve been recording some live demos recently in preparation for the next record and this version of ‘Smooth Seas’ came out pretty good, we thought we’d give it a share.

Sessions EP a year old this month.

Our first full release ‘Sessions’ is a year old this month and we are about half way through writing the next record right now. You can download both parts of the ‘Sessions’ EP for free or ‘name your price’ from our Bandcamp page here. Thanks for all the support. #progrock


589 Live Session, One year old today.

The 589 Live Session we recorded at The Rooms Rehearsal Studios with Kinetic Audio is one year old today.


Aloha! Sorry we have not posted in a while, we’re busy writing the new EP. We do however have a few shows booked for a bit later in the year.. but more on that soon. In the meantime check out this live track we recorded a few weeks back at The Rooms Rehearsal Studios.

New Song: Smooth Seas Do Not Make Good Sailors (Live)

Thanks again to all that made it down to the show last Sunday. Big thanks to Welcome the Howling Tones & The Sunrise Set for playing and being awesome. You should go check them out if you haven’t already.

We opened our set with a new track. We also had a few cameras setup to record the performance. You can check it out below.