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Next month a new EP.

Next month we will be releasing another live session EP along with the session video.

We will also be playing with the amazing Three Trapped TigersFreeze the Atlantic & Pilot:X at South Hill Park‘s Wilde Theatre on Friday 13th of September. Tickets are on sale now. More info here.


So our next shows going to be an awesome one.

So our next shows going to be an awesome one. It’s at an amazing venue with three amazing bands: Three Trapped TigersFreeze the Atlantic & Pilot:X. Tickets are on sale now. More info here.


Affinity Festival & The 589 Session

We played the Affinity Festival on Saturday then Sunday recorded & filmed another live session. Thanks to everyone for checking us out at Affinity, also special thanks to Al Heslop & Joe James, James Kirk & Mark, Emma Dalesman, Ralph Morris & Jayne Bradd for all your help. You can check out more photos from the past couple of days here.

Rhoda May

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