Yep. They are our faces!

Yep. They are our faces! Beautifully drawn by the very talented and awesome Karina Fraser. You should also know that these wonderful pieces of art and many others are on display at The West End Centre, Aldershot, UK. The exhibition runs from Monday 12th Sept – Thurs 29th Sept.


Be excellent to each other!

PS. We are still here and working hard on new material but more on that soon.

Last Friday.

Thanks to everyone that came out Friday. Thanks to Throatpunch City & Progressive Promotions for having us and thanks to Hana Laurie – Photographer for these awesome photos.


First show of the year, Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who made it down to the show on Friday it was a lot of fun. Special thanks to Catherine & The Lounge Bar for having us. Also if you haven’t already you should go check out: Slug 13HologramiWitness.

We’ll be announcing the next show later this week, but in the mean time here are some photos from Friday.

Rhoda May @ The Lounge Bar Alton 2015Photo credits: Jayne Bradd & Ralph Morris.

Big thanks!

Big thanks to everyone that made it down to last nights show. We had fun. If you haven’t seen Parachute For Gordo & For Astronauts and Satellites then you really should go check them out today. Props to Al & The Cellar Bar for having us. You can see more photos from the night here.

Rhoda May

Photos Credits: Jayne Bradd.

A few photos from Fridays show.

A few photos from Fridays show can be found here.

Big thanks to everyone that made it down and our bros in Welcome the Howling TonesShattered Skies & Allies. Special thanks to Ralph Morris for filling in on drums for us, Joe James and Progressive Promotions for having us & Jayne Bradd and Daniel Hodgson for the photos.

More show news soon.

Rhoda May

Well last night was a bit good!

Well last night was a bit good! Thanks to everyone that made it down. Big shout out to our pals Welcome the Howling Tones & The Sunrise Set for playing. Al Heslop & South Hill Park crew thanks for having us.

You can find some photos of the event here.

Rhoda May